Our flat Rolled Products Comprise Hot rolled and cold rolled, the full range of Coated Products, tinplate, Stainless, and Aluminium

Our range of Flat Rolled Products is sourced and supplied to our customer’s specified steel grades and dimensions for many applications. These applications vary from residential and commercial construction to tube manufacturing, and high value-added Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) applications as well as general steel processing activities including shearing, slitting, recoiling, and cutting strips for the retail end of the supply chain.

For specific material sizes, thicknesses, and grades including technical information, please contact our steel trading team. We also provide a range of value-added services, including logistics and shipping, insurance and tailored finance, technical support, and industry knowledge.

Macsteel International Trading Group aims to be the most dynamic, responsive and trusted global steel trader delivering a level of service and benefit to customers that is unmatched.

Leveraging our capability in financing, logistics, supply, and risk management, we have become a trusted partner for steel distributors, fabricators, and resellers serving businesses in the construction, manufacturing, industrial equipment, and transport industry sectors. We have decades of combined experience, from port supervisors to warehouse controllers and logistics specialists, to our specialist trading experts; the key to success is having the right people, in the right place, at the right time.