MUR is a leading provider of maritime logistics and freight services. Transporting all types of metals, minerals, agricultural products, construction materials, and specialist cargoes across six continents. With a large owned and controlled fleet of modern, fuel-efficient vessels, MUR possesses a strong asset base giving them the flexibility to cater to niche cargo requirements, take on multi-year contracts and give their customers total confidence that we will deliver, whatever the market conditions.

MUR develops freight services in partnership with their clients, creating tailored solutions to often complex and time-sensitive shipping needs. Committed to conducting business with integrity, MUR has the utmost regard for ethical practices and environmental sustainability. Working closely with their customers to help them meet new IMO and EU regulations and decarbonise their own supply chain. This includes providing advice on ship designs and trade routes, sharing detailed information on the carbon emissions of each MUR voyage, and offering carbon offsetting via the purchase and retirement of verified carbon units.

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