Macsteel International Trading Holdings Group
is a global leader in the trading of
steel products and raw materials

Our Mission Statement:  To be a dynamic and respected international service provider, linking producers and consumers of steel and raw material, through our efficient and reliable supply lines incorporating marketing, shipping, logistics, and finance.

Macsteel International Trading Holdings Group (MITH) has been trading steel and raw materials for over forty years through four main hub offices located in Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, and Melbourne, and five liaison offices in Shanghai, India, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Houston.

We trade volumes across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and CIS.   Our global footprint gives us unique 24-hour worldwide market intelligence for both local markets and worldwide trades, enabling us to react swiftly, and nimbly adapt to economic cycles.

Steel and metallics are commodity products that lead economic cycles and require quick decisions. Our model allows us to trade through difficult times yet still prosper in healthy stable markets.

At our core, we are back-to-back, physical traders, which brings us information from the ground up. MITH has a diverse supplier base across 30+ countries that is uniquely positioned to deliver to a diverse customer base across 50+ countries. 

We take a conservative trading approach that is focused on the fundamentals and structure of the trade, supported by an experienced back-office team that provides top-notch service through to trade completion. 

We focus on counterparties who are leaders in their markets, are financially stable, and understand international trade. We provide them with a range of value-added services, including logistics, shipping, finance, insurance, technical support, and industry knowledge at all levels. 

The greater Macsteel Group revolves around an integrated business model that encompasses the entire value chain of global trading, shipping, stockholding, and distribution. The Group is committed to the principles of good corporate governance and the application of the highest ethical standards in the conduct of business. We comply with the corporate governance standards in the countries in which we operate.

Our teams have decades of experience and apply their craft to link producers and customers of steel products and raw materials through trusted relationships, superior service, and a collaborative approach to business. Our traders and operators are supported by port supervisors, warehouse controllers, and logistics and financial specialists.  MITH truly has the keys to success: the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do,
and they guide our key behaviours and principles. These values include:


We stand out in the industry as a trusted supplier. We are reliable and keep our promises. We are open, transparent, and proactive in the way we communicate, taking pride in consistently delivering to a high standard.


We are problem solvers and critical thinkers who get things done. Flexibility and open communication define the way we do business with our counterparties, and how we support each other. We are accountable and proactive. Our style is collaborative, and our approach is focused on always delivering great outcomes.


We are centered on quality in all aspects of our trades.  Quality flows through our business, not only in the products we trade, but also in the back-office work that is done to support the trade from beginning to end.

Customer Service

We prioritise our great customer service and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do. As a team, we are constantly stretching ourselves to build and enhance our knowledge and maintain our focus on customer service to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Global Trade Structure

MITH and its subsidiaries trade steel and raw material products through 4 hub offices and 5 liaison offices located strategically in:

  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Melbourne
  • New York
  • Shanghai
  • India
  • Nairobi
  • Johannesburg
  • Houston

Trading teams sit in and around these offices to give the Group real-time 24-hour global market intelligence.

Culture & Safe Practices

A core part of our strategy is to ensure all our people are aligned with our core values and safe practices.

Our global workforce feels supported and is fully committed to each other. The safety of our people, customers, partners, suppliers, key stakeholders, and the wider community is our number one priority. We are honest, transparent, and proactive in the way we communicate, taking pride in consistently delivering to a high standard.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

MITH believes that promoting environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles into our business is not only important to the environment, our employees, and the communities in which we operate, but also to maintaining a sustainable business, creating ‘shareholder value’ through risk avoidance and optimisation of opportunities.

MITH incorporates the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact throughout the Group’s operations. As a Global Trading Group, we recognise that whilst we do not contribute significant carbon emissions, we play a key role within the supply chains of steel and ferrous raw material products that are produced and sold across all regions of the world. We have an objective to contribute towards industry goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement and believe that this ESG policy will support us in this endeavour.

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Our teams have decades of experience and apply their craft to
link producers and customers of steel products and raw materials through trusted relationships, superior service, and a collaborative approach to business.

To learn more about Macsteel International Trading Holdings Group (MITH) download our brochure.

Experienced Leadership

Our directors and employees are required to maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring that business practices are conducted in a manner that, in all reasonable circumstances, is beyond reproach. In this respect, the Group and its subsidiaries have adopted a Corporate Code of Conduct which has been approved by the Board of Directors. The Group is committed to providing equal opportunities to all its employees regardless of their ethnic origins or gender.

Tom Keller

Chief executive officer

Tom has been with Macsteel for 25 years holding various commercial and senior management roles in the Americas and across various global markets. He has been located in Dubai since 2016 and was appointed MITH Group CEO in 2020.  He has responsibility for all global trading and operating functions. Prior to joining Macsteel, he spent 14 years with Cargill Inc. in their steel production and global trading operations where he held diverse commercial positions in several locations throughout the USA. 

Dario Matteucci

Chief FINANCIAL officer

Dario has been with Macsteel for 10 years and 12 in the industry. He was appointed Group CFO in 2017 and has responsibility for the Group’s financial, risk management, human resources, information technology, and banking functions as well as supporting the strategic direction of the Group. Prior to joining Macsteel, Dario had qualified as a Chartered Accountant after completing his articles through Deloitte Johannesburg in 2010, following which he spent 3 years in the USA and the UK as a financial consultant.

Corné Ritson


Corné has been with Macsteel for 25 years and 37 years in the industry. Prior to joining Macsteel Corné held various commercial positions in South Africa with Iscor Steel plants Saldana Steel, Pretoria, and Vanderbijlpark Works. He is located in Dubai and is the Managing Director of MITBV and MIFE, responsible for all trading and operating functions in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and CIS.

Michael Minihan


Mike has been with Macsteel for 6 years and prior to this 19 years with Commercial Metals.  Mike became Managing Director of MIAUS in 2018 upon the acquisition of Commercial Metals Trading (CMC). His background includes steel distribution in Australia as well as responsibility for core staff and supply networks across Asia. Mike is responsible for all trading, finance, and operational functions of MIAUS. Mike sits on the Boards of MIFE and MIAUS. 

Margo Marks


Margo has been with Macsteel for over 30 years. She previously worked in the industry for Asoma in both Australia and the US and for M&M Ferrous, a then JV partner of Macsteel. Upon joining Macsteel in 1992 she ran operations for MIUSA, progressing to a variety of management roles before her appointment as MIUSA’s managing director in 2016. Margo consults on global risk management for the Group and sits on the boards of MIUSA and MIAUS.